CAT6 FTP + 2×24AWG + 2C18AWG Audio Cable Unarmoured Composite Cable

  • Composite Cable

Audio Cable

  • Composite Cable

Cat6 F/UTP

  • Composite Cable


2C×18AWG Audio Cable

Conductor 7/0.404mm stranded copper wire , class2 to IEC60228
Insulation PE
Insulation Color Black&Red
Screen Alumminum tape with tinned copper drain wire.

2C×24AWG Audio Cable

Conductor 7/0..2mm stranded copper wire , class2 to IEC60228
Insulation PE.
Insultion Color Green&Yellow

Cat6 F/UTP

Conductor 24 AWG􀀃Solid copper,1/0.57mm.
Insulation PE material. Nominal diameter is 0.97mm.
Insulation Color White-blue,Blue; White-orange,Orange; White-green,Green; White-brown,Brown.
Screen Alumminum tape with tinned copper drain wire.
Applications IEEE 802.3 : 10Base-T; 100Base-T; 1000Base-T; IEEE 802.5 16 MB; ISDN; TPDDI; ATM.
Standards ISO/IEC 11801, IEC 61156-5, EN 50173, ANSI/TIA 568B.

Element Assembly

Filler PP material.
Overall Screen Al-Polyester tape + tinned copper wire braiding
Outer Sheath
LSZH elastomer or TPE. Nominal thickness 0.8-1.0mm.
Sheath Color Black. Other colors also available upon request.


Audio Cable

Max.Electrical Resistance : 22Ohm/km for 18AWG

Max. Electrical Resistance : 76.4 Ohm/km for 24AWG

Min.Insulation Resistance : 1000MOhm/km

Operating Temperature : -20°C/+70°C

Voltage rating : 300/500V

Insulation spark test : 2000 V r.m.s./H.F.

Max.Inductance : 0.75mH/km

Cat6 F/UTP

Max.Electrical Resistance : 75.6 Ohm/km

Min.Insulation Resistance : 1000 MOhm/km

Operating Temperature : -20°C/+70°C

Max.Resistance Unbalance : 5%

Max.Mutual Capacitance : 5.6nF/100m

Characteristic Impedance : 100±15(1-250MHz)

Nominal Velocity of Propagation : 69%

Max.Propagation Delay : 536ns/100m@100MHz

Max.Propagation Delay skew : 45ns/100m(1-125MHz)

Test voltage (DC,1min) Core/Core : 1000V


Flame Retardance : IEC60332-1-2

Flame Propagation : IEC60332-3-22

Halogen Free : IEC60754-1/2

Low Smoke Capacity : IEC60134-1/2

Oxygen Index : ISO 4589-2

Temperature Index : ISO 4589-3

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